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The lesson plan for this period is going to be quite involved and advanced. It is imperative you show up as much as possible this week, so you don’t miss a lot of the finer details and timing of the guards we are working this week! Make it in this! Better your leg pummel game and set your self up for success! Especially with your leg lock game! The guards we are covering this week are imperative to be well versed at when it comes to the leg lock game! In short, don’t miss this week!


  • Younger Kids (Fundamentals) – Familiarity of movement patterns within Jiu-Jitsu!
  • Older Kids (Fundamentals) – Introduction to fundamental techniques from the mount position!
  • Kids (Advanced) – Covering advanced guards and strategies from the De La Riva Guard!
  • Women’s Only and Adult Fundamentals – Mount Work! From both the bottom and top!
  • All Levels Advanced (Gi & Nogi) – Single Leg X-Guard and X-Guard work!


  • Younger Kids (Fundamentals) – General warm-up! Technical work! Games!
  • Older Kids (Fundamentals) – General warm-up! Technical work! Games!
  • Women’s Only and Adult Fundamentals – General warm-up! Technical work!
  • All Levels Advanced (Gi & Nogi) – General warm-up! Technical work!
    •  Warm-Up
      • Hip Escape
      • Single Leg Hip Escape
      • Invert/Hamstring Stretch
      • S-Mount Stretch
      • X-Guard Switch Drill
    • Technical Work
    • Situational Sparring
      • From X-Guard and from single leg x-guard! Sweeping, passing, and submitting!


The goal for this lesson plan is to effectively and efficiently play a guard game that hides your feet and sets you up for leg and back attacks! Being able to play a guard under your opponent will give you the ability to have better control and it will keep your partner from establishing a stable position and keep them from launching a successful offensive!

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