Sam’s Debut Win at RITC!

A quick post about Sam Nogales’ MMA debut win! A quick post because his fight was just as quick! Training and leading up to the fight, he trained harder than most I’ve trained in a long time. He did what I asked without question. What happens when a fighter does what I ask? They win! And win in a minute and some seconds with a rear naked choke in the first round earning Sam the “Submission of the Night”! I’ve had so many say they want to fight but don’t put in the work. Say they want to fight, start to put in the work then fall off the wayside. Stop training because they had their fight fall through. Not Sam! He stuck with it and truly understands the life cycle of getting fights. He stuck with it! He did what I asked and he came out on top! Super proud of Sam and the hard work he put into this fight! Can’t wait for the next one!

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Tournament Results!

Holy tournaments batman! We just finished a super busy three week series of tournaments back to back! First we had the 2015 International Open, followed by NAGA, and the 2015 Pan Am Championships! It was a super busy 3 weeks for the Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu & MMA/CTA crew! Everyone trained hard, fought hard, and the results show! A ton of hardware and podium appearances! As I’ve always said, the proof is in the pudding! And boy is that pudding tasty! Super proud of our team! Super proud of everyone that went out there and put it all out on the line! Also super proud of all them members that helped our competitors prepare. Give yourselves a pat on the back! Without you they would not have the training partners to prepare them properly!

With the great success we saw at the International Open and NAGA, we unfortunately could not say the same for Pan Ams. We brought 5 competitors out to California and the cards were simply not in our favors this time around. Everyone had great matches, great performances and should all be proud of the hard work they put into the training and for stepping out onto the largest stage of BJJ competition. Take the weekend as a learning experience, chalk it up, and know that there are plenty of tournaments to come and more opportunities.

With all local affiliates representing and bringing home a lot of hardware, below is the results from our past three tournaments! The main Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu & MMA/CTA Academy; Affiliates Dave Farias BJJ, Universal Fitness & MMA, and AZ Tiger MMA! A huge should out goes to Wyatt Shepherd and his crew for Killing it at NAGA!

AZSBJJF 9th Arizona International Open, February 21 & 22 2015
Adult Gi, Rooster, […]

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Calendar of Events Summary!

As promised, here’s a calendar of important events up through the end of April!

February 28, 2015 – NAGA
March 1, 2015 – Wilson Reis Seminar at Undisputed! (10am to 1pm)
March 7, 2015 – Kids Belt & Stripes Promotion (11am – 12pm)
March 7, 2015 – Patrick Oskverek and Sam Nogales MMA RITC Fight!
March 11 to Maarch 15, 2015 – Pan Ams
March 21, 2015 – Michelle Nicollini Seminar in Tucson!
March 28 & March 29, 2015 – Caio Terra Seminar at Phoenix BJJ & MMA!
April 4, 2015 – Adult Belt & Stripes Promotion! (9am – 12pm)
April 11, 20125 – Grand Canyon State Open!
April 18, 2015 Roberto Traven Seminar!
April 25, 2015 – Pats Run, Kids Cup, and Copa Bela!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the events.

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Jay’s Seminar Tours in the Philippines!

Where to start? Well, I started this seminar tour off with a long 24+ hour trip to my homeland of the Philippines. The country where my family is from and the country they recently retired too as well. Along with their retirement came my little brothers move to the Philippines to finish school. Since moving back to our homeland and the lack of places to train, he went and opened our first international affiliate in Cebu. Over the years, his program has grown from a small group of guys that barely utilized the small mat areas to a whopping 30+ students per class! A huge jump from the last time I visited and conducted a seminar. The last time I was there, I saw a small group of green Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, this time around I came to find a group of very solid Jiu-Jitsu players. I was very impressed with the improvement of my brothers students. This development and successes of his program and his students are a direct reflection of his ability to not just have the skill to do well in Jiu-Jitsu but the skill to convey and teach Jiu-Jitsu in an effective manner. Because of this skill, a skill not too easily had, he was ready for the next stage in his Jiu-Jitsu career! So during my seminar that I taught in Cebu, after we promoted his students, I then promoted my little brother to Black Belt! It was a very emotional promotion. For both myself on for my brother Pjay. It’s been 13 long years! It was such a huge honor for me! Not just because he is my little brother, and my best training partner, but because he is also my […]

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6th South West Classics in the Books!

What a weekend! It was a fun filled weekend chock full of heavy competition and lots of submissions! I could not be any prouder of our CTA Arizona family. All competitors when out there and left it all out on the mats! Win or lost everyone did a fantastic job! With myself, Mike Martin of Strongheart, and Kevin of Phoenix BJJ & MMA we came in with a team dwarfed by others. But yet, once again, we come out on top and place in the overall team standings. With the kids, we took 5th place and with the adults we took 4th! What this tells me and should tell everyone else is that we are winning with quality, not quantity. Especially since most of our wins came via submission. So, we’re not just trying to win on points, we’re fighting to finish the match! Again, everyone from all teams did a phenomenal job and fought their hearts out! I am so damn proud of everyone! Congratulations to all CTA Arizona team members! OSS!

Below is a list of all Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu & MMA/CTA team members and their placements…

AZSBJJF 6th Southwest Classic, October 25 & 26 2014
Adult Gi, Rooster, White – Brian Mandagi (2nd Place)
Adult Gi, Ultra Heavy, White – Benito Molina (3rd Place)
Womens Gi, Feather, White – Estrella Moreno (3rd Place)
Adult Gi, Middle, Blue – Miguel Santana (2nd Place)
Adult Gi, Ultra Heavy, Blue – Alfredo Montero (3rd Place)
Masters 1 Gi, Light Feather, Blue – Eric Bias (3rd Place)
Masters 1 Gi, Feather, Blue – Moses Salazar (1st Place)
Masters 1 Gi, Open, Blue – Moses Salazar (3rd Place)
Masters 1 Gi, Feather, Blue – Jeremy Dolan (3rd Place)
Masters 1 Gi, Ultra Heavy, Blue – Brian Griswold (3rd Place)
Masters 3 Gi, Heavy, Blue – Neil Robinson (1st Place)
Masters 3 Gi, Super Heavy, Blue – Benjamin Banks (1st Place)
Masters 3 Gi, Open, Blue – Benjamin Banks (1st Place)
Womens Gi, Light, Blue – Ruonan Hu (1st Place)
Womens […]

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New Belts and New Stripes!

What a weekend! This past weekend played host to our 2nd belt and stripes promotions for the year. This has to be one of the largest groups we’ve had promoted to date! It was huge! Not only did we have a lot of belts and stripes to give out, we also had the largest belt promotion attendance! We were at a whopping 69 students in attendance! I was so excited to see such wonderful support! I was so proud to see so many team mates supporting each other during this special day.

As I’ve always pointed out, belt and stripe promotions are my favorite times of year. It means more to me than any medal or competition! During promotions, I get to see everyone’s growth and development. I get to see how far everyone has come along. I get to see the dedication everyone puts into the art we all love so much. Seeing the joy and tears of happiness in the faces of my students leaves a special mark on my heart. That gives me a feeling that can never be replaced and never be duplicated! That feeling is what brings joy to teaching. That is a feeling that will last a lifetime!

I am so proud of everyone’s growth, development, and dedication! Each and every individual has done more and then some to get to where they are! They were more than deserving of their promotions! I was more than proud and happy to have promoted the following individuals…

Brown Belt:

Sharod Merrill

Purple Belt:

Samantha Smith

Blue Belt

Benjamin Banks
Brian Griswold
Issam Ghannam
Joey Brown
Michael Touger
Rounan Hu

Green Belt/Black Stripe

Luke Hase

Orange Belt/White Stripe

Conner Peyton

Yellow Belt/Black Stripe

Brendan Onquit
David Onquit

Yellow Belt/White Stripe

Jack Baker

** We had a blue belt and a couple of white belts we […]

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AZSBJJF 2014 AZ State BJJ Championship!

Another long weekend of BJJ competition in the books! The AZ State BJJ Championship is normally a small tournament due to it being at the beginning of summer. That wasn’t the case this past weekend. Teams came from all over the south west and packed the mats with strong and heated competition for our locals. Because it was the beginning of summer, we had a very small showing of competitors. Together with Strongheart and Phoenix BJJ & MMA, we still had only a fraction of what many other teams brought. Despite that fact, we still came out on top with a 3rd place team title for the kids and a 4th place team title for the adults. Falling only 2 points shy of 3rd place. Not bad for a small team going into this tournament. What this means is, the quality of training within the CTA teams is second to none! The team collaboration and cohesion we have is something for all teams to fear! CTA is inching little by little! Next thing you know it, we will be on top with that first place trophy!

Since joining the Caio Terra BJJ Association, along with Kevin Scott and his students from Phoenix BJJ & MMA, and Mike Martin and his guys from Strongheart, as young as we are, we have amassed 4 team titles in less than 6 months! That’s a huge deal! Give yourselves a round of applause! Without your efforts, compete or not, we would not be where we are at with out you! Our brothers, our sisters, our team, our family!

We have great momentum moving forward through the rest of the year! We see nothing but great things for the Caio Terra Association Team […]

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CTA Arizona Happenings! My Promotion to 2nd Degree Black Belt!

Last weekend was a special weekend on so many levels. It was a fun filled busy three days of nothing but Jiu-Jitsu. Many events were taking place that weekend. The Abu Dhabi World Pro, the NABJJF’s Grand Canyon State Open, and the Caio Terra seminar in which I was promoted to my 2nd Degree Black Belt by the man himself. I’ve been such a huge fan of his for so many years. He is my BJJ idol! It was the greatest of honors to have been promoted by him. I couldn’t put into words the pride I feel to have been promoted by Caio, to fly his flag and represent his name. This is a mile stone at black belt for me. This was an event I was so honored and blessed to have shared with everyone. I want to thank all those who came out to be there for me and my promotion and support Caio’s seminar. We had over 100 100 CTA members in attendance.

Thank you all for being there! I love you all!

Quote from Caio from his site!

“The first was to award our affiliate and my good friend Jay Pages his second degree on his black belt. For many, degrees on black belt are a way to mark the time, for Jay this is not the case. In the past three years I have seen him grow as an instructor, student and friend and this degree marks growth in all of these areas. It was humbling to get to share this experience with so many of our team, over 100 CTA members were in attendance!”

Thank you professor for the kindest of words. Muito obrigado!

At the NABJJF’s Grand Canyon State Open, our team had the honor […]

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AZSBJJF 9th Arizona International Open!

Another long weekend of BJJ competition in the books! With the new year, the new team, and the new direction, we had a very good turn out and a very good performance by all Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu & MMA Students.

Since joining the Caio Terra BJJ Association, along with Kevin Scott and his students from Phoenix BJJ & MMA, and Mike Martin and his guys from Strongheart, we were able to amass a team of 60+ competitors. We had one of the larger teams in the tournament. We ended up taking 3rd as a team! A top 3 team placement in the first tournament of the year for such a young team here in Arizona.

This is a great start and great momentum for the rest of the year. Myself, Kevin, and Mike are very optimistic about what we have to look forward to as a team for the rest of the year. We see nothing but great things for the Caio Terra Association Team here in Arizona. Keep training hard, keep up the great work and drill, drill, drill! OSS!!!

Below are results of the Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu & MMA competitors from this past weekend. I’ll work on getting all of CTA’s up. Hopefully by tomorrow.

AZSBJJF 9th Arizona International Open, March 8 & 9 2013
Masters 2 Gi, Middle, Black – Jay Pages (1st Place)
Masters 2 Gi, Open, Black – Jay Pages (2nd Place)
Masters 3 Gi, Heavy, Blue – Neil Robinson (1st Place)
Masters 3 Gi, Middle, Blue – Todd Bennett (2nd Place)
Masters 3 Gi, Ultra Heavy – Todd Reidhead (2nd Place)
Masters 3 Gi, Ultra Heavy – Thomas Vehrs (1st Place)
Masters 2 Gi, Medium Heavy – Juan Trujillo (3rd Place)
Masters 2 Gi, Light – Moses Salazar (1st Place)
Masters 2 […]

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Milton Bastos BJJ Seminar!

Don’t miss out! Milton is coming to Phoenix! Train with one of the best in his class! Milton accolades are as follows…

2010 World Champion
2009, 2012, & 2013 No-Gi World Champion
2009 & 2012 Pan Ams Champion

Details of the event…

Where: Strongheart BJJ | 3510 E. Bell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85032
When: January 25th 2014 @ 10AM to 1PM
Cost: $60

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